Terrific Tips On Theme Party Ideas

The theme party ideas keep growing with newer technologies and inventions. The main thing is that the person for whom you are throwing the bash should appreciate the theme . Quite obviously it also depends on the occasion that is being celebrated like a birthday  or a graduation party. If you choose the concept of  Hollywood as one of your theme party ideas it paves the way for a lot of options. The invitation cards should be designed such that the guests feel impelled to come . Gold and silver can be the theme colors and the guests can come dressed in the style of their favorite matinee idols.

Theme party ideas also include slogans as they communicate openly with your guests through messages that are displayed on the banners. You can even make your party area look like the film sets of Hollywood. The mood, streamers, decorations, food and the beverages has to suit the party ambience. The games can be determined by the number of adults and youngsters attending the party.

Theme party ideas are good ways to have fun times at birthday bashes and other social gatherings. One just needs to find a good theme and adhere to it. There are many internet websites which offer lots of well researched information  on the recent happening theme party ideas.

More On Theme Party Ideas

Some of the coolest theme party ideas include Halloween parties, Christmas parties and Easter parties. Coming dressed as a witch in black with a broomstick is a common occurence at a Halloween party. If it is a Christmas party that you are throwing the guest may come dressed as Santa Claus in red sporting white beard and moustache with a sack full of gifts and wishes for a merry Christmas. One can also come in green and red dressed as one of the elves.

College theme party ideas are the best in one’s life where you are reminded of your golden days and get to share some cherished memories. If you have two left feet, start taking dance lessons some days before the party and boogey the night away. This is especially appropriate if you have  music themes party ideas  like the 60s music or Jazz.

Unique Theme Party Ideas

Children would enjoy the jungle theme party ideas. You can  make the room dim and shadowy and place plants and leaves in dark corners to make it look like a forest. Take some stuffed animals like lions, tigers or the big elephant from your child’s nursery and place them in the jungle to give it a real feel. Tarzan would be an appealing choice to dress up and come as . The guests can also come dressed as monkeys or giraffes whichever wild animal may strike their fancy.

Cartoon themes like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are pretty popular among the children. Cinderella is another very popular one among the theme party ideas. So the next time, you plan a gathering choose a unique option from  the numerous theme party ideas.

Making birthdays memorable moments of celebration with Theme Party Ideas


The internet is a flooded with a plethora of ideas and tips on theme party ideas.  If you are planning a birthday party, these simple tips would provide you guidance on how to make the party memorable and fun filled.  Parents love to throw parties for their kids, especially if it is a birthday party, graduation party and so on. Kids love to dress up in fancy clothes, play indoor games with their friends and so on.  you may also check with a party planner or get some advise from your friends and neighbors about theme party ideas.

Check your budget

Depending on your budget, you may either choose to hire a party planner or go for DIY party games. The latter saves money and you also get the satisfaction that you have organized the entire event.  The interest of the child is yet another thing that needs to be given thought to.  Depending on the age and the interests of the kids, the party can be planned.  Kids love their superheroes and princess and some of the favorite kids movies and cartoon figures.  Keep this in mind when you plan the party.  Some of the fun filled and creative party theme ideas are

Archetype theme parties

In this type of theme party, the kids dress up in their favorite characters like Tinkerbell, Dora and so on.  There are specific party supplies stores that sell the material required for such theme parties.  Kids love to give names to their princess and superheroes. This also brings out the creative spirit in them and they will enjoy the fun filled celebration.

Creative kids interest and hobbies party ideas

Lego celebrations are quite popular and try figuring out some hobbies and creative pursuits that kids would love to do at the time of the birthday party.  It could be anything like baking a cake or making a pizza.  This way they also will feel confident and happy that they are doing something different and they will enjoy doing these activities.

Other theme party ideas

The other themes like survivor, amazing race and fear factor also are becoming quite popular, but these activities are for slightly elder kids.   Also, it needs to be mentioned that it is not necessary to have an extravagant birthday party.  Even simple, creative party ideas can also make the entire event or celebration fun filled and memorable.

Thinking out of the box – Creating something different

Parents can also think out of the box and create something exclusive and unique. However, if you have the time, patience and you are creative, you can come out with unique ideas.   Character theme parties are also something that fancies kids. The characters chosen can be anything from Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Dora, Strawberry Shortcake and so on.  Other exclusive characters include Beanstalk, Robinson, American Girls and Hungry Caterpillar.


Last but not the least; irrespective of the type of theme party ideas, the happiness and enjoyment of your kids and their friends is important and if you are able to do this, it will give you immense happiness and satisfaction.  The main crux is to have fun and enjoy.  Make your kids party memorable and something everyone would talk about and treasure.